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Internet Phone Service for Homes and Businesses from ITP VoIP

ITP VoIP is an Internet Phone Service provider offering crystal-clear, fast and affordable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service to homes and businesses. VoIP is a rapidly expanding new technology that is revolutionizing the way we communicate. VoIP internet phone service works via a high-speed internet connection, freeing your home or business from expensive, bulky landline telephone hardware and opening up a world of flexibility and customization options. With ITP VoIP, you benefit from: ITP VoIP brings you all of these features and much more. If you are tired of inflated rates and unreliable phone service from your landline provider, make the switch to ITP VoIP today and discover the affordable, reliable and FAST revolution that is VoIP internet phone service!

Internet Phone Plans for Homes and Home Offices

ITP VoIP offers a variety of VoIP internet phone plans for residences that combine the convenience of easy-to-use telephone service with powerful and affordable VoIP technology. Our plans start with a Basic plan with 500 minutes to the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico and extend to a Global Plan with Unlimited calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and over 60 countries! Take advantage of our wide array of essential phone features, as well as popular add-on services such as Virtual Fax, Softphone, Virtual Number and more. In addition, all residential internet phone service plans come with a FREE Linksys router for your convenience.

Business VoIP Plans for Modern, Connected Businesses

ITP VoIP also provides small and large businesses with Business VoIP internet phone service plans featuring Hosted PBX, SIP Trunk and more. In addition to minimal overhead costs and ease-of-use, businesses also benefit from our extremely low international VoIP rates and full line of features and add-ons that make VoIP the smart choice for business phone systems. Donít deal with the hassle and inflated prices of landline phones at your business any longer- switch to ITP Business VoIP today!